Radiant For Celebration

It's the festive season so you have every reason to look your very best, with a little help from CS12.


From left: – CS12 Infinity Aqua Care, RM238. CS12 Infinity Aqua Essence, RM238. CS12 Milk Cleanser, RM198. CS12 Hydro Milk, RM198. CS12 Purifying Creme, RM178.

Caring for the skin that’s sensitive and acne-prone can be a real challenge, that’s why CS12 has come up with an array of skincare – from cleansers, moisturisers, essence and even treatment creams – to address your needs. The range is infused with effective ingredients such as aloe vera and hyaluronic acid to boost hydration, cucumber extract to restore moisture within the skin, along with gingko biloba and wheat to soothe and protect your skin from pollutants. All these work together to promote an optimum level of hydration, which helps calm skin sensitivity.


Clockwise from left: CS12 The Eternity Miracle Essence, RM328. CS12 24K Gold 2-in-1 Multi Eye-Solution, RM288. CS12 The Eternity Miracle Fluid, RM288. CS12 Miracle Glow Tone Up Sun Cushion, RM268.

Formulated with the innovative CellRevEX™ technology, the CS12 Age of Wonders Anti-Aging Series helps reduce signs of ageing such as wrinkles, fine lines and saggy skin with botanical extracts, amino acids and crithmum. Its two feature products – The Eternity Miracle Essence and The Eternity Miracle Fluid – work powerfully to regenerate new skin cells and rejuvenate the skin for renewed radiance. To enhance the effi cacy of the Anti-Aging Series, try the Gold 2-in-1 Multi Eye-Solution and Miracle Glow Tone Up Sun Cushion. Made with ingredients such as witch hazel, meadowfoam seed oil and sodium hyaluronate, they help reduce dark circles, protect your skin from harmful UV rays and prevent oil seeds. To know more about CS12 Skincare and to purchase their products, visit cs12skincare.com.

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