Packing Tips When You’re Travelling

It's the holiday season!

I don’t know about you, ladies, but I absolutely love packing and take it very seriously – a travel itinerary alone is not enough, I even plan my outfits! Now, unpacking on the other hand… that’s a story for some other time. Packing is easy if you’ve got lots of baggage allowance (the standard 30kg gives you about two medium-sized luggage bags). Another point to take into consideration is, of course, your destination. When you’re travelling to somewhere colder, coats and jackets take up a lot more space than bikinis and summer dresses. So, here are my tips on how you can optimise your space and be a stylish nomad.



  • You might know this already, but try to roll your clothes instead of folding them when you fit them into your luggage bag. This optimises the space you have.
  • Pack reversible swimwear, so you get an extra lookout of one set! Another great tip is to bring along plain, solid-coloured bikini tops and bottoms for easy mixing and matching.
  • Pack lightweight materials like rayon – they keep you cool and don’t crinkle as easily.
  • As for shoes, bring a pair of comfortable sneakers. You can also pack one pair of fancy heels or nice, flat sandals if you have dinner plans.
  • Jeans are great as they’re versatile. Choose a wash that goes with most of your tops. Black and light-washed denim are my personal favourites.



  • Instead of folding thick fabrics and jackets, try vacuum packing – where you put your clothes into a plastic bag and suck the air out!
  • Bring only two coats or jackets but more innerwear – such as blouses and dresses – for you to switch up your look.
  • Thermal wear is important if you’re not good with the cold, and it’s also space-saving since you can wear lighter and thinner clothes underneath!
  • If it’s going to snow, don’t forget to waterproof your jackets and boots!
  • If you’re going skiing, save space by renting a ski suit instead of bringing your own.


Take a look at some of our favourite essentials to pack for different destinations:

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Where: Turks and Caicos

Wear: Printed triangle bikini, chic cotton-poplin mini dress, nude sandals, satin tote

Essential: Round-frame sunglasses to beat the rays


Mini dress, Gucci. Sunglasses, Loewe. Bikini, Emilio Pucci. Satin knotted bag, Mango. Sandals, Zara.

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