How To Use Social Media Without Letting It Control You

Use these tried and tested tips to find balance between life and social media.

Do you know that Asians spend around 439 minutes on screen daily? That’s about seven hours, and two out of that are spent on a second screen while watching TV? Yeap, it doesn’t sound healthy at all, and that’s why Google Malaysia recently took the initiative to hold a digital wellbeing retreat at the Templer Rainforest Retreat in Rawang, where participants from various facets of the media platform gathered to plug off, and shared tips on how they managed their platforms so it didn’t overwhelm them.


We spoke to APAC Communications Manager for Google’s Hardware products, Laura Scott,  who was also at the retreat, delivering Google’s own tools and features for wellbeing, about how she uses technology mindfully. Here are the Google lady’s  personal tips.

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What are your ‘staple’ gadgets?

My phone, which is a Pixel 4 is the piece of tech I use most – for the camera, for listening to podcasts, driving directions, staying in touch with people as well as, of course, for work. It’s fair to say it can do most things needed in my life. I also love my new FitBit Versa – it’s a constant visual reminder to keep moving and stay fit, and because it’s a watch, it means I no longer have to keep looking at my phone to check the time, which is what I used to do. My home Mini is also great because I can catch up on podcasts and listen to music simply by asking it. For non-Google example – perhaps my most important and precious gadget is my Thermomix, which we treated ourselves to a few years ago. It’s the ultimate all in one, helpful gadget – it chops, it blends, it cooks, it steams and it can even knead bread dough. It has WiFi as well so it connects you to thousands of recipes and takes you through them step by step directly on the machine. I use it all the time and could not be without it.

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