Communication Tips To Strengthen Your Marriage

Marital experts often note that it’s not whether a couple fights, but how they fight, that indicates the success of their marriage.
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Couples often think they are communicating effectively when in fact, they skip over crucial points and avoid the important conversations. Even more commonly, couples would feel like they are talking about completely different things when they argue, resulting in plenty of frustration and more conflicts.

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The ultimate goal of communication? To say things in ways that your partner can understand to resolve conflicts and avoid misunderstandings.

Listen to what your partner is actually saying

Also known as reflective listening, listening to what your partner is saying rather than what you want to hear is one of the key points of effective communication in marriage. What your partner says and what you hear can be entirely different.

So instead of rushing headlong into an argument with your assumptions, you should first listen without interrupting.

When your partner has had the chance to voice their concerns, ask for clarification to avoid misunderstanding by asking, “This is what I heard, is that what you meant?” This conscious effort of listening and clarifying shows that you care and value what they are sharing.

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