Breaking the Taboo on Vaginal Talk

Most women are curious to find out more about vaginal health but they’re too shy to speak up. With the support of Vagisan Malaysia, we brought together experts to create greater awareness on women’s intimate health.

Recently,  30 women gathered at The Ritz-Carlton Kuala Lumpur for a Power Breakfast with Her World and Jelita magazines to take charge of their intimate health. The morning started with a light breakfast as guests (both readers and KOLs) mingled, before a session of Kegel exercises with Raelene Joy Moyle.

Editor-in-chief, Eena Houzyama, lightened the moment with a brief icebreaker, asking all present as to whether her statements on vaginal health were true or false.  Once guests were comfortable and relaxed, Raelene shared tips on the correct way to perform Kegel exercises to ensure effectiveness. These exercises are helpful for women to tighten the pelvic floor muscles, especially after birth.

Women deal with different intimate issues at different stages of their lives. For instance, vaginal dryness can occur during menopause or after breast cancer treatment; vaginal infections often take place during pregnancy; while irritated skin at the intimate area can be caused by incontinence and chafing. So, in the following session, Dr Norintan Zainal Shah, a Consultant Obstetrician and Gynaecologist at Columbia Asia Hospital Seremban, expressed that sex and life problems can be caused by intimate wellness issues. Thus, she affirmed that having intimate health challenges is not abnormal and it’s nothing to be ashamed of. There are solutions available to address intimate health concerns.

The Truth About Intimate Care

After a short break, a panel session moderated by Eena with experts such as Dr Manuel Haeuser, Medical Advisor for Gynaecology (Vagisan, Germany);  Selena Soo , a pharmacist from Caring Pharmacy; and TV personality, actress and travel vlogger, Daphne Iking, sat to discuss key issues on vaginal health as well as answer questions from otber guests. During the session, Dr Haeuser explained, “The feeling of dryness is often accompanied by other discomforts such as itchiness, a burning sensation and pain during intercourse. Those symptoms often affect the daily life of women.”

Guests were also introduced to Vagisan’s newly-launched range, which offers intensive treatment and daily care products to alleviate, prevent and protect women’s intimate health.

Guests took home Vagisan Moist Cream (a cream with applicator to relieve vaginal dryness), Vagisan Lactic Acid (seven acidic pessaries to prevent recurring vaginal infections), Vagisan Protective Ointment (to soothe skin irritation at the external intimate area), and Vagisan Intimate Wash Lotion (to gently maintain hygiene at the external intimate area) to begin their journey towards better intimate health care.

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