You Should Travel Solo and Here’s How You Can Do It

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While the idea of travelling alone might seem daunting and scary to some, especially since you wouldn’t have a familiar face to accompany you in an unfamiliar land, it really isn’t all that bad. Travelling solo will help you challenge yourself beyond your limits, and test your ability to cope with obstacles along the way. It also allows you time to reflect on things, and encourages you to love spending time with yourself. Try it, and you might find yourself travelling alone after discovering its joy and merits.

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Here’s why you should travel alone and some tips on how to excel in it. Happy and safe travels!

Why you should travel alone

1. You can go wherever you want

Because you aren’t deciding on a destination with a fellow traveller, you get to choose wherever you want to go. You can even throw a dart on a world map to help you decide if that’s what you’re feeling. Once you’re there, whether is it Berlin or Nepal, you have the freedom to plan your own itinerary however you want.

2. You don’t have to entertain your friend or partner

In a group setting, we tend to find things to do and topics to talk about. After all, you’re overseas with someone and subconsciously feel obliged to make the most of the time (and money) together and not waste it lazing around in the hotel room. As such, you pack the day with destinations and activities — that you hope they will enjoy too — and the entire trip can turn out to be more stressful than relaxing.

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But if you’re alone, you get full control of how you want your trip to be. Sleeping till noon, taking an afternoon power nap or staying out past midnight are just some of the possibilities you can explore. Plus, you can change your plans on a whim and don’t have to face the ire of a travel partner.

Another bonus? You don’t have to listen to them complain about their life, the cost of travelling or their bosses.

3. You can interact more with the locals and experience the culture

Travelling alone will inevitably force you to interact more with the locals. Whether you’re talking to a guide or asking for directions, being alone would make you realise that the locals are the best solutions to your problems. In addition, you get to ask more meaningful questions and get a deeper insight into a foreign culture.

4. You’ll step out of your comfort zone

When travelling with friends, you get to take the backseat when hiccups occur because there’s always someone there to take the lead. Alone, you have to solve issues, think on your feet and rely on yourself. This builds confidence and allows you to hone the ability to handle pressure. Are you an introvert? You’d have to be more vocal and sociable while on your own. All these will only mean good things for your development.

5. You’ll discover yourself

And finally, as cliché as this sounds, especially with the whole Eat Pray Love movement, you’ll literally discover yourself while on a solo trip — such as what’s your travelling style, what do you value most in your travel experience (are you an adventurous daredevil or do you prefer to sit at a cafe and watch the world go by?) and how to survive alone. You get to know yourself more intimately and embrace every aspect that makes you who you are. Better yet, you can take on whatever persona you want since nobody there knows you. And soon, you’ll find yourself planning your next solo trip.

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