Yasmin Hani’s Raya Fashion Tips and Family Traditions

Yasmin Hani shares her must-have Raya outfits and the importance of keeping family traditions alive.
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Family traditions are passed down for generations to remind us of who we are and where we come from. As Asians, collectivism is an innate part of our culture. With Raya so close now, mother of two, emcee, and TV host Yasmin Hani shares about why it’s important to keep family traditions alive.

Adjusting to new family traditions


Yasmin recalls her first Raya as a married woman. “The first time I ever experienced solat Raya, on the morning of Raya, was after getting married. Before, I thought it was just for men, like solat Jumaat. Now, my kids and I will follow my husband for prayers. We also give duit raya at the masjid. Our kids get involved by greeting (salam) everyone, as well as by helping us in giving out duit raya. Then, we beraya after.”

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