Working At Co-Working Spaces vs The Office

We tested co-working space Common Ground to find out if we might enjoy working here
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Shared or co-working spaces have been mushrooming in recent years, prompting some to ask why is it that popular and if it really is that great of a work option? Receiving an invite from co-working spaces enterprise, Common Ground, to work a full day out of their Bukit Bintang venue, it was a great opportunity to experience working in such an arrangement while checking out Common Ground and all the facilities available here.

So how do co-working spaces stack up against the traditional office model? We list out some features for comparison.

1. The Coffee

Okay, this might probably be the least important feature to take into account when considering working from a shared space, but for a lot of us it will be the thing you most look forward to every day before starting work. Don’t say we’re not right about this. Coffee and Common is the cafe at Common Ground, and is present at all Common Ground outlets. That gives them one point for consistency there. If there’s one thing that good coffee needs to be, it is to be consistent. As all Common Ground members or users can pop into any Common Ground outlet to work from, it’s good for the coffee drinkers to be able to depend on their coffee being as good as it is at the Common Ground outlet they usually go to. Sure, it’s like popping into the Starbucks closest to your office, except that it’s in your office. For members on a fixed-desk plan at Common Ground, complimentary coffee and tea are available, too, so you won’t be missing your office pantry that much.

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