Why A High Thread Count Isn’t Always Good

Plus, more bed sheet buying tips from the experts.
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Buying bed sheets can be a complicated task. From getting lost in a sea of terminology like ‘thread count’, to the dilemma over which fabric to choose (is silk the same as sateen?), you may end up getting bed linen that are not right for you.

That’s why we spoke to Alex and Clara, the co-founders of Sunday Bedding, for easy tips on how to choose the right bed linen. The duo believes that the foundation of a good night’s sleep (and therefore a better morning) is good-quality bedding, and we couldn’t agree more.

Create your own sanctuary with these expert bed sheet buying tips…

Tip 1: Choose material based on your sleeping environment and habits

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For example, if you sleep without air-conditioning, both bamboo and cotton are great for those warm nights. Bamboo wicks away moisture and has a cooler feel, whereas cotton is highly breathable. (Bamboo is also environmentally friendly as growing bamboo consumes less water than cotton.)

For those who sleep with pets or kids, cotton is more fuss-free and durable, which means it holds up well to frequent washing.

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