Where To Find Malaysian Food In New South Wales

Great food is what you need to deal with homesickness!
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As a nation that takes pride in our cuisine, one of the highlights of travelling has to be indulging in food. If you’re planning to visit New South Wales, you shouldn’t miss out on enticing Aussie delicacies. Nonetheless, there are times when travelling where a sudden craving for Malaysian food strikes. So, here’s a list of Malaysian restaurants to check out in New South Wales.

Ho Jiak, Haymarket

Located at Haymarket, Sydney’s very own vibrant Chinatown, Ho Jiak literally means delicious in the Hokkien dialect. This first Malaysian Nyonya grill house is famed for head chef Junda Khoo’s homey street delicacies, which he grew up cooking with his amah. Be it a rich bowl of thick laksa, or a mouthwatering Nyonya grill feast to savour with your family – there’s a reason why this eatery earned its ‘Back Street Winner’ title.

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