Crazy Rich Asians Is Really About Strong Women!

Have you read the book? Now it's time to watch the movie!

The much-talked about movie, Crazy Rich Asians, just opened in cinemas last weekend in the US and it’s already a box office success. With big-shot celebrities such as The Rock (Dwayne Johnson), Justin Bieber, Chris Pratt, and Mindy Kaling giving the movie a big shout-out, it’s no wonder EVERYONE is talking about it!

The movie only opens tomorrow in Malaysian cinemas, but thanks to a good friend winning tickets from a radio station, four of us girlfriends got to catch the movie at an exclusive screening last night. So, I haven’t read the book but after watching numerous talk-show interviews, reading the many articles and listening to friends share about the story, I was eager to see the movie. And yes, I agree with so many out there that this is a must-watch!

Girls’ Night Out Worthy!

The beautiful cinematography, hilarious dialogue and many Asian references (that Malaysians would instantly pick up on) made the movie all the more fun and exciting. It was funny how the audience in the cinema clapped at certain scenes and laughed at little moments that only we, Asians, could understand.

Yes, there is the good-looking Henry Golding and many other smart-looking men to distract you, but the truth is the movie really shows viewers how women are strong, brave and smart. From the powerful matriarch played by the legendary Michelle Yeoh, to the intelligent and courageous Rachel Chu played by Constance Wu, this movie truly took a very Asian stereotype of how women often take the back seat and crushed it! Okay, I won’t be sharing too much about the movie here for fear I will give away spoilers.

Sanja Bucko/Warner Bros. Entertainment via AP

(Spoiler ALERT!!)

But if there is one movie you and your girlfriends need to watch together, this is it. Why? Just so you can escape and enjoy a little fairy tale which you can relate to and come out of it with the ‘happily ever after’ feeling. Not because Prince Charming saves the day, but because you learn as a woman to understand your self-worth! Crazy Rich Asians opens in cinemas tomorrow, ladies. Get your tickets now!

Here’s a fun clip put together by our sister magazine FEMALE Malaysia: