What Your 2020 Chinese Zodiac Says About Your Career In The Year Of The Rat

An insight into your possible career challenges of 2020.

Que sera sera – but it sure doesn’t hurt to be prepared for what’s to come. Renowned feng shui practitioner Dato’ Joey Yap rounds up what you can expect in the workplace this Year of the Rat.


A one-man-army mentality will do you no favours this year. This is a period where you’ll find people in both your social and corporate circle that will willingly help and empower you in your pursuits.

Be approachable and a team player, and you’ll avoid the backlash of corporate politics while gaining indispensable allies.


Your likeability will soar this year as superior and fellow co-workers become more receptive to you this year, enabling you to achieve a harmonious working environment.

Polish your communication skills and you’ll be able to expedite this process!


While the professional road ahead is rocky, upping your communicative prowess will go a long way to ensuring your efforts won’t go unrecognised while keeping the corporate drama coming your way to an absolute minimum!


The Rabbit is liable to being swept up in gossip at the workplace, though prioritising work over corporate drama will allow you to minimise the backlash of the wagging tongues.

Despite the rumours surrounding you, you’ll nonetheless enjoy helping hands from colleagues throughout the year.

Return the favours as they come and you’ll design a better work experience for yourself this 2020.


A journey like no other is this year’s theme for the Dragon’s forecast. The way you respond to a situation and the meaning you give to each moment is what really matters as it determines how your year will unfold.

There will be challenging times, but remember no matter how tough a situation may get in life, you will still have the power to turn the tides in your favour.

There are high chances of a promotion this year as your rapport with your superiors improve overall.

Don’t be afraid to voice out what your contributions are; silence and false modesty are poor traits to get your talents noticed by those above you.


Meditation and charity work will be a source of attaining calm and appreciation for others; this is an important counter to the added stress you’ll endure at the workplace this year.

Don’t allow a lack of recognition encourage you to throw in the towel. Persevere at your current workplace against all odds and your hard work may just be rewarded.


The first half of 2020 will be a crucial time for you to establish a foundation for your career. Suppress your impatience and don’t mindlessly jump at every career opportunity you see; some of these so-called opportunities won’t benefit you in the long run.

Only commit to something outside your primary work after careful consideration!


It’s in your best interest to find ways of showcasing your talents more prominently to garner the attention of your superiors or other figures of importance.

At the same time, be extra careful about who you trust and what you say, as your newfound recognition at the workplace may invite jealousy and potential backstabbing.


It may not be the most smooth sailing of career journeys, but the Rooster will nonetheless encounter good opportunities, such as the possibility of enrolling in a special career development program or more company trips to improve connections both within and beyond your workplace. Be extra nice and accommodating of the people in your professional circle to keep these opportunities coming.


Influential people will have your back in the professional space, deterring potential backstabbers and opportunists from fully exploiting you. Be sure to show your appreciation of the people in power who will assist you; by aligning your efforts with those who have greater authority, you stand a fair chance of turning your career prospects around.


Thankfully, you won’t be needing to struggle in your professional life too much thanks to a generally positive relationship between you and your colleagues.

In fact, you may be primed to elevate yourself to a better corporate position by leveraging on the assistance of the bountiful of helping hands you’ll enjoy this year.