What To Do After A Sexual Assault

If you or someone you know becomes a victim of sexual assault, here’s what the All Women’s Action Society (AWAM) advises doing:

Don’t take a shower

Your first instinct may be to cleanse yourself, but doing so washes away evidence . If a change of clothes is needed, place what you were wearing (including underwear) during the assault into a bag.

Head to the emergency and trauma department of any public hospital

You may request for a female doctor to conduct a medical examination. This is important, as the results could aid the police in their investigation.

Know that it will be the hospital’s responsibility to alert the police, who will take down a report as part of the One Stop Crisis Centre (OSCC) procedure.

Lodge a police report

If you do head to the police station first, you may request for a female police officer. She’ll take your statement and accompany you to the hospital for a medical examination

Seek help

Reach out for counselling and support by contacting any women’s NGO. For legal advice, get in touch with AWAM via their Telenita line from Monday to Friday (10am to 4pm) at 03-78770224.


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