What Are The Benefits of Potatoes?

Discover fresh new ways of using U.S. potatoes in your delectable raya dishes.
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After a month of fasting culminating in a much deeper appreciation for food, we celebrate our blessings with delicious delicacies! Why not try something different this Raya by plating up healthy yet crumptious eats? We propose a great staple you can’t go wrong with: fresh potatoes!


There are hundreds of potato varieties grown in the United States, with all of them fitting into one of the seven unique potato categories: russet, red, white, yellow, blue or purple, fingerling, and petite. You may wonder, though, if it’s true that potatoes are fattening. A 148g potato amounts to 110 calories, so if you were to consume more calories than you expend, you’ll probably gain weight – but the same goes for anything else you eat. As part of a balanced diet, potatoes can be a tasty source of nutrients.

TIP: When buying potatoes, pick those that are clean, smooth and firm with no cuts, bruises or discolouration.

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