We Tried Out NEST Co-Working Space For A Day

The team gathered at this communal workspace, which is connected to five food and beverage brands, for a brainstorming session.

The Cambridge Dictionary has a few definitions of the word 'nest', including:

  • A comfortable home
  • To fit one object inside another, or to fit inside in this way

Both are fitting descriptions for NEST, a one-stop co-working, serviced office and F&B space in The Curve, Mutiara Damansara, that believes in "reshaping how you live and work".

Among the many co-working spaces in the Klang Valley, here's why we chose NEST@The Curve, Mutiara Damansara, for an all-day team meeting:

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2. Spacious, well-equipped meeting room


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The meeting room that we got was boardroom format, with a long table circled by high-backed office chairs. It could easily fit 10 people, so if you have a smaller group, you can request for a smaller room. A projector and whiteboard is included in the hourly rate.

Ample plug points ensure laptops and other mobile devices last throughout the meeting. The fast (and reliable) internet connection really came in handy, as we could quickly load pictures and videos for reference when brainstorming. When we’re on a roll, the last thing we want to see is an error message or buffering problems. Should that happen, not to worry as NEST provides IT support.

Do bring a jacket or cardigan if you’re prone to feeling chilly, as the air-con works very well! 😉

3. No need to go out for food

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We love food and look forward to meal times… except when the ideas are flowing and going out for a meal will break the momentum. Which is why we appreciate how NEST houses not one, not two but five food brands. Got a colleague who’s on a low-carb diet? One who practically survives on caffeine? Another who must have rice and chilli at every meal? No problem, everyone can order what tickles their fancy and have it delivered right to them. There was no need for us to even step out of the room!

The five integrated F&B outlets are Tail & Fin, Quick Fix Coffee Bar, Pizzazone, Gajah, and Quickie Bar (which has alcoholic drinks). Tail & Fin is a Las Vegas-born fast-casual Japanese fusion restaurant with menu offerings created by former NOBU executive chefs Karu Wedhas. Gajah plates up affordable, home-style Indonesian, Thai and Malaysian food. Pizzazone, as the name implies, serves pizza and pasta. Prices are on par with similar eateries in The Curve.

4. A change in scenery


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Whenever we can, we head out for meetings where creativity is very much needed. Fresh ideas aside, we’ve found being away from our usual surroundings help us gain different perspectives. NEST’s cozy yet vibrant space – think inviting lighting and splashes of orange – is conducive to brainy pursuits and networking. When we wanted a break, we’d walk (just a few steps, really) to the common area to make a cup of tea. We could see we were in good company, with others working and chatting. NEST doesn’t have the pin-drop silence of a library, but neither is it as loud as a busy cafe.

5. Easily accessible by car and public transport

Mutiara Damansara is about 20 minutes away from our office, so it wasn’t too out of the way for those of us who live in the other direction. It’s also connected to the MRT line, as well as highways in and out of Petaling Jaya. On weekdays, there’s ample parking at The Curve. The area does tend to get congested during rush hour, so it’s best to leave before or after (NEST follows mall hours and doesn’t close early).

6. Shopping after work

Done with work, but want to stay on, either to clear your mind or skip the jam? Within The Curve are more food options, supermarkets, an assortment of retailers and services, as well as ATMs. There’s an MBO cinema at neighbouring eCurve, with IKEA and IPC  Shopping Centre just across the road (connected indoors by a walkway).

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