We Tried Out NEST Co-Working Space For A Day

The team gathered at this communal workspace, which is connected to five food and beverage brands, for a brainstorming session.

The Cambridge Dictionary has a few definitions of the word ‘nest’, including:

  • A comfortable home
  • To fit one object inside another, or to fit inside in this way

Both are fitting descriptions for NEST, a one-stop co-working, serviced office and F&B space in The Curve, Mutiara Damansara, that believes in “reshaping how you live and work”.

Among the many co-working spaces in the Klang Valley, here’s why we chose NEST@The Curve, Mutiara Damansara, for an all-day team meeting:

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1. Flexible packages

Image: NEST

NEST offers 6 packages, with the most basic being a daily pass (RM30) for a spot at an available desk. A step up from the daily pass is the monthly hot desk package (RM300). To secure a fixed desk is double that amount, costing RM600 a month.

For start-ups, small businesses and a team of remote workers, the private suite (RM1,500 to RM2,000 a month) offers more privacy and the sense of having an ‘office’. Other perks exclusive to the fixed desk and private suite package include private drawer spaces and mail management service, inclusive of a business address.

If, like us, you’re looking to rent someplace for a meeting rather than day-to-day work, meeting rooms are priced at RM60 per hour. For larger gathering, such as a conference, forum or workshop, there’s a 1,500 sq ft event space that goes at RM380 for the first hour, and RM150 for every subsequent hour.

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