Here’s How You Can Save Money This Raya by Upcycling

You don't have to break the bank for your furniture to look like new!
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The secret to not spending money on new furniture this Raya, and still seem as if you have, is to upcycle your existing pieces! Since there’s still some time left before the festivities begin, get your whole family involved with this project. This way, you’ll have a healthy bank balance by the time Raya is here, And also get to spend quality time together! 🙂

Let your imaginations run wild and you can go for geometrical patterns too! Pic credit: Imran’s Ark Facebook page

Why upcycle?

Imran Zainal, the founder of Imran’s Ark, shares these reasons:

  • You can go all out with the personalisation. “A home is an expression of your individual style, preferences and unique taste.”
  • It’s kinder to the environment. “We can save more trees if more people turn to upcycling, rather than throwing out the old and buying new ones.”
  • Older furniture is often constructed with stronger wood and better materials.

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