Aboard the Train to Your Dream Destination

Explore Europe by land to better enjoy the sights.

Have you ever felt like you want to drop everything and get away from the busy life and responsibilities for a while? To take a breath of fresh air instead of the dusty city air and relax outside of the stressful city environment? That’s the time when you know you need to take a break and focus on yourself. However, as you choose a destination to travel to you usually don’t give too much thought into choosing the best way to travel as  long as you get there, but it might be worth a second thought. Sometimes, it’s not just the destination that you should look forward to. The journey to that destination is also part of the adventure.

When traipsing around Europe, most travellers tend to take the plane as the fastest way to get to most places. Especially as it can sometimes be the cheapest as well. However, why not do something different and take the train for a change? Travel operator Klook recently partnered with Rail Europe and has prepared some cool itineraries for travelling with train to get in the most beautiful of sights. Travelling via train also offers some perks that you might not get aboard other modes of transportation, making it the perfect example of the saying “Getting there is half the fun.”

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1. It’s More Comfortable

Train travel often affords more legroom. Photo by Rendo79.

You can enjoy a bigger seat with more space to stretch your legs. If you are travelling long distance, you can always book a private sleeping cabin for more privacy and the ultimate in on-board relaxation. And if you forgot to bring something to eat or drink in the train, these can be bought from the buffet car without needing to starve yourself until your next stop.

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