Trade In Used Nespresso Capsules For New Items

One of the options is a stunning, limited-edition pair of chopsticks.

The Nespresso Second Life project, launched in 2016, turns Nespresso’s infinitely recyclable aluminium capsules into new capsules or into exclusive Second Life products.

A new, limited-edition addition to these products is the Asia Second Life Chopsticks, which pay tribute to the region’s impressive dining culture. 30 Nespresso capsules that have been recycled in Asia are used to make the top of the chopstick body. For added flourish, the chopstick is adorned with elegant motifs inspired by the coffee farms where your cuppa begins its journey.

The beautiful utensil comes packed in an eco-friendly paper box that can also be reused as a Nespresso capsule dispenser. Each box holds up to 12 capsules at once.

How To Get A Pair of Chopsticks?

It’s as easy as following these 3 steps:

  1. Head to the Nespresso Boutique at The Gardens Mall, or The Nespresso Pop-up store at Pavillion Kuala Lumpur or 1 Utama Shopping Centre, with a bag full of Nespresso recycled capsules.
  2. Buy 100 Nespresso Capsules.
  3. Redeem one Nespresso Second Life item of your choice. These are the Asia Second Life Chopsticks, Victorinox Swiss Army Knife, or 849 Nespresso Caran d’Ache Pen.