Top 5 Appliances For The Contemporary Malaysian Home

Experience a new level of living.

With the advancement of connectivity and technology, modern homes are becoming increasingly comprehensive and ‘smarter’ than before. Just like how we’ve progressed from using analogue telephones to the smartphone of today, it’s possible to furnish our home with the latest and most advanced appliances to significantly improve our daily lives.

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If you are an existing homeowner looking at upgrading that old telly, or even a soon-to-be owner waiting to take the keys to your new residence, here are the five best and most fundamental home appliances that would not only complete the foundations of your abode, but also to elevate your home living experience to another level.

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Water Heater – Bosch Tronic Series

It’s a daily ritual to pay your bathroom a visit, making it an integral section of your home that deserves the best amenities to refresh your senses. A study has shown that the average person spends at least 1 hour and 42 minutes each week in the bathroom, or 92 days in a lifetime.

Like most modern homes, having your bathroom equipped with a water heater is a must. Over here, the Bosch’s latest Tronic Series comes in three different variants. Apart from boasting a quiet pump and a sleek German design, operating the Bosch Tronic from its minimalist control panel remains truly effortless.

Whilst the entry-level Tronic 3000 S promises straightforward usability from its rotary knob and LED ring indicator displaying heating power, the Tronic 6000 S comes with a more comprehensive digital display that includes thermostatic control with a built-in temperature sensor to ensure constant temperature output, a DC inverter pump and a more premium shower head set to adjust spray patterns.

For a more bespoke shower experience, then step up to the Tronic 8000 S as it gets a full digital touch screen control, premium rain shower head function and three available memory pre-sets to store your preferred shower more.

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