These Are The Up-And-Coming Destinations of 2020

Time to start planning an adventurous getaway!

Do you travel to explore and experience the world? Why not veer off the beaten path and visit a destination that’s on the verge of experiencing a surge in interest.

For those looking for a serious adrenaline rush in largely unchartered territory, one destination couldn’t be hotter — or indeed, cooler: Siberia.

Altai mountains

The unimaginably vast (it’s the size of Australia), wild and empty Russian territory is home to spectacular natural landscapes, diverse wildlife and unique cultural and historical attractions, meaning that any visit is filled with adventure and discovery in equal measure. For example, there’s no better way to navigate wintry trails than on a wooden sled drawn by a team of working dogs – yes, Siberian huskies – as one skims the snow in an ancient and traditional mode of travel, with the added bonus of no carbon footprint left behind. To speed things up a notch — or two — then riding a snowmobile on frozen Lake Baikal is another experience that guarantees an exhilarating ride through stunning wilderness.

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Destinations to watch for in 2020

Huts in a Hamer village, Ethiopia

The experts at Jacada Travel, a socially-conscious bespoke travel company, predict the following destinations will become hot travel trends in 2020:


Russia covers an expanse of over 6.6 million square miles and is home to nine different time zones. Though it’s the largest country in the world, many are unaware of the diversity it offers, from dazzling cities to silent, remote natural landscapes. Highlights include experiencing private banya (Russian saunas) for couples in the most historic spa in St. Petersburg, to exclusive opera masterclasses, caviar tastings and stargazing in the remote Sayan Mountains.



The country offers some of Africa’s most epic landscapes and fascinating cultures – the Omo Valley alone is home to more than 40 different tribes, each with their own unique dress, custom and beliefs. Meanwhile, the Danakil Depression is one of the lowest, hottest and driest places on earth with bubbling lava lakes, vast salt pans and hyrdrothermal fields in vibrant shades of colour unlike anywhere else. Further afield, the vast plateaus and craggy peaks of the Simien and Bale Mountains are home to much of the country’s wildlife, including the endangered Walia ibex, Gelada Baboons and the elusive Ethiopian wolf.


Considered the gateway to South America, this colourful country has seen a remarkable transformation over the last 25 years. Bogota and Medellin are now thriving metropoles bursting at the seams with galleries and museums, while the coffee triangle region boasts an array of charming colonial towns, rolling hills and wax palm plantations, and the north is home to the impossibly romantic city of Cartagena. From visiting horse breeders in private hacienda’s outside of Medellin to learning the local game tejo from art gallery owners in Bogota, there are endless opportunities for unique and authentic experiences.