These Are The 117 New Emojis You’ll Be Able To Use This Year!

There's bubble tea, smiling face with tear, bottle-feeding parent, mirror and potted plant.

Emoji 13.0 features 117 new emojis which will roll out to Apple, Android and most social media platforms in the second-half of 2020. 62 are brand-new emojis, while 55 are new gender and skin-tone variants.

Reflecting recent trends, making the list are: bubble tea, blueberries, olive and capsicum. The potted plant emoji will likely get used quite a fair bit, too.

Five of the new emoji are sponsored by Google, including the ‘person feeding baby with a bottle’ emoji. “Until this year, the only emoji that depicts childcare is the ‘breastfeeding’ emoji,” says Jennifer Daniel, Google’s design director for the Android Emoji Program. “Since an inability to breastfeed doesn’t preclude you from nurturing your child, we want to introduce an emoji that everyone can use,” she explains.

Google also co-sponsored, with Microsoft, the transgender flag emoji. The flag is just one of many more gender-inclusive emojis for 2020 – with ‘Woman in Tuxedo’, ‘Mx Claus’ and ‘Man with Veil’ joining the fray.

Gender-inclusive: Woman in Tuxedo, Mx Claus, Man with Veil

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