The Greatest Love of All Comes Alive at Istana Budaya

Get ready to sing along to Whitney Houston's greatest hits!

If you’re a fan of the legendary Whitney Houston, you won’t want to miss dancing and singing along to her popular hits at Istana Budaya this 22nd and 23rd of March. Trina Johnson Finn, one of the few women who can step into Whitney’s “larger-than-life” role in a tribute concert, Remembering Whitney – the Greatest Love of All, will enthrall Malaysians with breath taking renditions of Whitney’s memorable classics, including “Greatest Love of All”, “I’m Every Woman” and “Queen of the Night” to name a few.

Team Her Inspirasi had the privilege to get to know Trina Johnson in a brief interview recently, and here’s what we found out!

Her Inspirasi (HI) : What was your journey to prepare to sing as Whitney Houston? 

Trina Johnson (TJ) : As a young girl, I have always inspired to sing and be a great performer. Like Whitney, I grew up in church listening to gospel music and along the way there were several Artists over the years that inspired me as well, but in order for me to prepare myself to sing with such power and from the heart like Whitney Houston, it took many hours of practice and years of experience.

HI : Which three songs are your favorite to sing for concert?

TJ : As far as Whitney songs, there are so many of her songs that I love to sing, but my favorite to perform live are: I Will Always Love You, One Moment In Time and Saving All My Love For You.

HI : How has Whitney Houston inspired you as a singer?

TJ : Growing up in the Midwest of America, there were so many great singers, but when Whitney Houston came on the scene, she did things that no female artist has ever done. Whitney’s voice was so powerful but yet angelic and beautiful, she sang with so much class and style, she had an incredible vocal range and during her prime she sold more records, and was the most awarded female artist of all time. She broke barriers as an international recording artist and that was more than enough to inspire me to be the best performer I could be.

HI : Having performed at so many prestigious events, what does it mean to play the role as one of the greatest singers of all time? 

TJ : As an international performer, I have sang with some of the best over the years, but Whitney is one of the best ever to me and it is such an honor to keep her music alive. This role means so much to me because she was everything that I inspired to be as an artist and I am so blessed to have the gift of voice to pay homage to one of the best.

HI : Is this your first time to Malaysia? What are you looking forward to during this trip?

TJ : Yes, this is my very first time in Malaysia and I am looking forward to seeing your beautiful country. This has been on my bucket list for a long time and now I will be there very soon. I hope to see the amazing culture of your country and what it has to offer. I am absolutely excited and can’t wait to meet you all.

Watch a sneak peek of Remembering Whitney – The Greatest Love Of All here:

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