The Funniest Flat Earth Memes On The Internet

Comical #flatearth jokes from around the globe.. err we mean, around the pancake.

Recently, the “Earth is Flat” theory has had a resurgence in Malaysia. This is mainly thanks to a popular former nasyid singer and minor celebrity, who also doesn’t believe in vaccination or sending his kids to school. In fact, the singer himself has challenged the nation’s first astronaut, Dato Dr Sheikh Muszaphar Shukor, to swear in God’s name that the Earth is, indeed, spherical. The good astronaut, in response, has challenged back the singer to send his kids to school (good one, Dato!).

On the tails of this controversy has emerged various flat Earth memes making fun of the “Earth is Flat” theory. Here we share some of the funniest ones we have found, from Malaysia as well as around the world!

1. Let’s start with this question from the entrepreneur-inventor du jour, Elon Musk:-

Yes, The Flat Earth Society is a thing (more on that later).

2. So if different planets can have different shapes, then the doughnut shouldn’t be disregarded.

Photo credit:

Mmmm… we can always dream, can’t we?

3. Also… if the Earth was flat while Mars is round, could the galaxy look like this?

Image from Pavelow.

4. And shouldn’t the sun look more like the star that it claims to be?


5. While a Lunar eclipse would look like this, says people who are both members of the Flat Earth Society and inhabitants of Terry Pratchett’s Discworld.

Image from Imgur.

6. Their theory would also explain how exactly the dinosaurs became extinct.

Yep, they were catapulted out of the orbit.

7. I mean, the evidence is just overwhelming, right? Right?

Meme from Dankland.


8. This explains everything.


9. And this could be the future…

Photo from Center of Memez.


10. So how did people start thinking this way?

This, by the way, could very well be the origins of the Flat Earth Society (we told ya it’s a thing).

11. Which makes a very good job of making fun of itself.

To date, the Flat Earth Society has about 40,000 members on its Facebook page but judging from their posts (but not the comments, though), the FES is more about encouraging healthy discussions about science and the climate, rather than forcing their “theory” on other people. We find it quite educational, actually.

12. So, no, we don’t really think members of the FES are like this:-

At least, not all of them.

13. Otherwise, there’s always this:-


14. Meanwhile, pro-round Earthers have made very compelling arguments as proof that our planet is round.


15. Also, how do you explain the globe if the Earth was flat?

16. Round-Earthers have very good reasons to be so, too…flat earth memes


17. Plus, it would be a bit unfair that some countries would get the edge-of-the-Earth corner lot or end lot, no?

flat earth memes

Malaysian advertisement for an end lot tract of land with a view of the Milky Way, located right next door to Mars.

Everyone knows the corner- or end-lot is more premium than intermediate country lots.

18. The view would be totally worth the price, though…

FB user Salmah Melor claims to be one lucky owner of an end-of-the-flat-Earth end-lot home, but cites the possibility of slipping into the galaxy as one of the hazards.

19. Well… maybe there is no winner.

Image made by BobAmazing.

20. Except for maybe Indonesia.    #DoneClaim