Taking The KonMari Method To The Next Level

Liew Xiang Xiang decluttered her room and has designated outfits for each work day!

We've all seen the Netflix series that had the whole world yearning for a decluttered home where only the things we love live in the world with us. However, knowing that complete decluttering would need a time commitment that not many could afford, few have been able to go through and do what the families on TV did. Well, Social Media Strategist Liew Xiang Xiang recently became a Marie Kondo disciple herself, but you'd be surprised at how she motivated herself to stick to the program. Her Inspirasi visited her home recently and asked her how she managed to get it done. Unfortunately, she didn't have any before photos, but we imagine it could be somewhat similar to our work station situation.

Xiang Xiang's current work station situation.

Describing her room before the decluttering, says Xiang Xiang, "I never knew where anything was. I always seemed to be scrambling around looking for my glasses and my phone."

"It was also always troublesome to find specific clothes that I wanted because they were always squished inside my drawers," she shares. "My desk and other surfaces were also always cluttered with papers and random stuff that I never got around to cleaning up, which was a problem because that’s my daily workspace."

Hearing a situation that sounds so similar, we further grilled Xiang Xiang to get her to spill on how she manage to complete the "challenge."

How Liew Xiang Xiang Came To Living The Decluttered Life Now

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What did you do with the items that you didn’t want anymore but was still good enough to not be thrown away?

I gave away a lot of stuff for free because my priority was mostly to get my items into the hands of people who would actually be happy owning them and I think that’s why platforms like Carousell are so important. It makes it easier for a community to share things, which reduces the amount of new things that need to be produced. If everyone bought their clothes second-hand from platforms like Carousell or their local thrift stores as much as possible, fashion wouldn’t be the second most polluting industry, right after oil and gas.

Sharing a room with her sister, the decluttering exercise may not have given too much extra space, but at least everything is easy to find and more pleasing to the eye.

Which items did you sell on Carousell?

I listed a wide variety of items that I thought were attractive or useful, but I mostly ended up selling geeky or anime stuff, such as keychains, manga, and art books. Seems like Carousellers are a geeky bunch.

How many items were you able to sell?

Just a handful, because I gave away a lot of stuff for free.

How much did you make from selling them overall?

I’ve been using Carousell for a while, but if we’re talking just the spoils from my decluttering, it was around RM40 – 50 total.

Was the process of selling and delivery easy? Did you have to take professional photos of your items?

I only did cash on delivery and only at places I could easily get to via LRT. I did not take professional photos, just regular pictures on my phone which was good enough. Please check out my Carousell profile and see if there’s anything that sparks joy in you! I’m also open to bartering, especially for household goods, functioning earphones, snacks, and tea. Please feel free to negotiate!

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