Start Your Day With “Good Morning” From New Zealand

This cheerful and quirky video series shows you NZ through the eyes of the locals.

Did you know New Zealanders are the first in the world to see the sun, every morning? Every day for the next year, more than 300 New Zealanders will open their hearts and home towns to the world in a video series.

They’ll share their ‘Good Morning World’ welcome message featuring the sunrise against a stunning landscape. Adding a personal touch, they’ll also highlight the things and places they love most.

The series launches with a feature film starring 8-year-old Parearau and one of her elders, Hinetu. They witness the beauty of the world’s first sunrise atop their sacred Maunga (mountain) Hikurangi, in Gisborne.


The vast landscape is magnificent, and it’s so meaningful to see New Zealanders acknowledge as well as pay homage to Maori culture. The video will also give you a taste of the kiwis’ warm hospitality, led by the belief that everyone should be treated like family. We wanted to book a plane ticket to NZ immediately after the video ended!

Hikurangi, on the East Cape, has a new world-first tourism experience: Greet The Dawn allows visitors to see for themselves one of the first sunrises in the world. That’s definitely worth adding and ticking off the bucket list.

We reckon the intimate good morning videos will also make Malaysians here feel connected to New Zealanders. At the very least, you’ll start the day with a smile and a warm, fuzzy feeling. (Motivation to hustle and earn RM for a NZ holiday is an added bonus *wink*)

Follow the ‘Good Morning World’ messages on Instagram at @goodmorningworldnz.