Would You Give Up Your Career For Your Husband?

A former marketing director shares the reasons she gave up a six-figure salary to save her marriage.
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‘It’s not ‘unfeminist’ to give up my job for my man,’ says this former marketing director, who gave up a six-figure salary to help save her marriage. She shares the reasons behind her big decision.

Regina Chua seemed to have it all – a directorial job, a six-figure salary and a picture-perfect family – but, in fact, her marriage was slowly crumbling. The 48-year-old tells Jeanne Tai how quitting her job saved her relationship – and why it wasn’t an ‘unfeminist’ decision.

“I still remember the day I resigned from my job. It was the hardest thing I’d ever done. I was at the top of my game then – I was 37, earning a six-figure salary and travelling the world as a regional marketing director.

And yet, overnight, I was suddenly jobless, with no clue what to do with myself. The only thing I was certain of was that I had to focus on the one thing I’d neglected for years: my husband.

Just months before, my spouse of 12 years, T. M., had dropped a bombshell – he suggested we separate.

He reasoned that we’d been living parallel lives for years. ‘Doesn’t it make sense that we separate so we can lead our own lives?’ he asked. I was shocked to see T. M., usually so calm, looking uncharacteristically upset. ‘What do you want for our future?’ he pressed me.

It was days before I came to the tough decision to quit my job and mend my marriage.

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