Top Reasons for Divorce in Malaysia (And How To Avoid Them)

What you need to know to help keep your marriage healthy and happy.
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With divorce cases on the rise recently, here’s some much-needed advice we feel you need to know (or be reminded about) to have a happy and lasting marriage. 

In the news…

The New Straits Times reported that the top five reasons Selangor Muslims are filing for divorce are religious ignorance, financial problems, outside interference, children, and critical spouse behaviour.

“Nagging wives and rough sex are among the top reasons for divorce”, said Aluwi Parman, the chief registrar for the department’s marriage, divorce and Islamic reference, Selangor (JAIS) in the news report.

Selangor recorded a total of 6,912 Muslims divorces last year, a rise of 750 cases from 2013 and nearly half of divorce cases last year were filed by couples in their 30s.

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