What’s Your Love Language?

Knowing how you and your partner express love could bring you both closer together.
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A – Words of Affirmation

You like to be told you are special, and appreciate hearing from your loved ones what you mean to them. You expect your partner to be your biggest cheerleader.

If this is your partner’s love language: Try to say things like “I really appreciate what you did for me”; “I’m glad I have you”; “I couldn’t have done it if it weren’t for you”.

B – Quality Time

You feel the most special when your partner spends time alone with you. It could be participating in an activity together, eating in silence, or just watching reruns of Friends – you’re happy as long as you get to be together.

If this is your partner’s love language: No matter how hectic your schedule is, make plans for either a quiet night in or a romantic dinner out. Promise your other half that you’ll set aside a certain amount of time every week dedicated to just the both of you – without work or other distractions!

C – Receiving Gifts

Nothing warms your heart and makes your eyes sparkle more than a little token of appreciation from your loved one. It’s not the price tag that counts – it’s the thought that matters.

If this is your partner’s love language:  Send her some flowers… just because! You can choose to get them items they’ve been eyeing for some time now – but even just a simple handwritten card hinting they’re on your mind is all it takes to brighten up their day.

D – Acts of Service

Instead of being told that you are loved, you prefer to be shown it. When your partner goes out of their way to help you out, that says ‘I love you’ loud and clear.

If this is your partner’s love language: The next time he/she looks stressed, try cooking your other half a nice meal; wash the dishes; do the laundry; or even just ask “Is there anything I can help you with?”

E – Physical Touch

You don’t necessarily need this to be sexual – it could be the slight play with your hair to a passionate kiss. What matters most is you feel loved when your partner can’t keep his/her hands off of you!

If this is your partner’s love language: Make the effort to hold his/her hand even if the both of you are just running errands. If you’ve noticed that your other half is stressed, suggest a quiet night in of cuddling.



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