What’s Your Love Language?

Knowing how you and your partner express love could bring you both closer together.
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How it works

Rate your preference for the scenarios below from 1 to 5, with 1 being the least and 5 being the most preferred. Envision yourself in each incidence and rate them according to what you would prefer most of the time.

Next, add all the scores for each alphabet. The alphabet with the highest score is your main love language. And, the second highest is your supporting love language. If you have two alphabets with the same highest score, both may be equally important to you.

  1. I find it meaningful when…       
    A. receive a loving note/text/email from my partner
    B. I can spend some time alone with my partner
    C. My partner shows me  his love by buying me
    chocolates or gifts
    D. My partner helps me out with practical things
    E. My partner hugs me


  1. I love it when…
    A. My partner says “I love you”
    B. My partner and I get to spend some quality
    time alone
    C. My partner surprises me with a present
    D. My partner surprises me by cleaning the house
    or stocking up the groceries
    E. My partner touches me (whether it’s a kiss or a hug)


  1. I feel happy when… 
    A. My partner compliments me out of the blue
    B. We are in each other’s presence even if we
    aren’t doing anything
    C. My partner gets me something out of the blue
    D. My partner helps me with an assignment or work
    E. I walk hand-in-hand with my partner


  1. I appreciate it when… 
    A. My partner tells me he/she is proud of me
    B. I get a chance to be alone with my partner
    C. I unexpectedly receive small tokens from my partner
    D. My partner does something to help me out
    E. My partner sits close to me


  1. I like it when…
    A. My partner says supportive things to encourage me
    B. I get to do a shared activity with my partner
    C. My partner shows me that I’m on his/her mind with
    a small present
    D. My partner does house chores for me even when
    he/she doesn’t enjoy it
    E. We hug


  1. It’s more meaningful when…
    A. My partner praises me for a job well done
    B. I’m able to be around my partner when working
    on a project
    C. I get a surprising gift from my partner at work
    D. My partner helps me with volunteer work I’d signed
    up for
    E. My partner gives me a back rub after a long day at work


  1. I adore my partner when… 
    A. They are positively elated by my achievements
    B. They show interest in things I like
    C. They put a lot of thought into getting me a meaningful
    D. They run errands for me
    E. They kiss me frequently to show that they care


  1. I feel special when…
    A. My partner compliments me
    B. My partner listens and understands my emotions
    C. I know a gift is in store for me
    D. My partner does more than his/her share of work
    just to help me
    E. My partner touches me non-sexually in public
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