My Partner Enjoys Seeing Me With Other Men

And exploring that side of his sexual desires have made us a stronger couple
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… what cuckolding and swinger parties are all about? Here are four most common misconceptions:

1. The man being cuckolded isn’t pathetic
Unless he’s being forced to entire this arrangement, this is a kink both parties have mutual control over.
2. It’s not like porn
Most porn would show men of certain ethnicities sought out for such an arrangement but it’s the furthest thing from sexual reality. Cuckolding, or any other fetish doesn’t have specific rules you have to follow in order to engage with it. s
3. It doesn’t mean sexual dissatisfaction
Just because a woman wants to cuckold her partner, it doesn’t mean he’s failed to satisfy her or that she wants to cheat. It’s a sexy, private little secret that they’re doing for a multitude of reasons.
4.  There’s a caring and fun community
Perhaps because everyone knows they’re there for one reason – no pretences are needed. Everyone respects each other and backs off without a hint of aggression. You have to leave your ego at the door to make it work.

This article was first published in the May 2018 issue of Her World 

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