My Partner Enjoys Seeing Me With Other Men

And exploring that side of his sexual desires have made us a stronger couple
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Not many couples would be able to say they bonded by assessing which man on Tinder would most likely be gentle yet firm in bed – but there I was with Thomas. Our relationship may seem foreign and perplexing to most, but what we share is a term – ‘cuckolding’ – that has been gaining popularity in recent years, with roots in the BDSM world where there is a dominant and submissive balance, and/or formed from the masochistic desire to be humiliated.

As opposed to an open relationship, there is a strict understanding that only the woman dates and is physically intimate with other partners, while her boyfriend or spouse willingly upholds monogamy. The arrangement differs from couple to couple. Sometimes, the man watches his lady and her partner, or the woman goes off on dates while the man stays at home.


He was the one who brought it up first – tiptoeing around the subject by making little hypothetical statements – as he knew I enjoyed uploading anonymous intimate pictures of myself online. Perhaps reading comments from strange men around the world was arousing for him – knowing so many people were pleasuring themselves to my photos. Conversely, it also gives him a feeling of dominance as I always happily return to him at the end of the day despite having several choices of men to bed.

On a more practical note, he viewed it as a solution to our differences in sexual drives. If possible, I would demand several sessions in a row on a daily basis, while he prefers it once every alternate day at best. So, it was safe to say that I was ecstatic! Ironically, prior to this, Thomas was the first and only boyfriend I was willing to be monogamous with and I was glad it didn’t feel as if he was being led or forced to be cuckolded for my sake.

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