My Husband Craved Extreme Sex

She had to satisfy his outrageous lust at least twice a day
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His excessive desires

My husband agreed to it and to my relief, we went back to our usual routine… or so I thought. I soon found out that he now had a new fetish: watching porn and demanding that we act out the scenes playing on the screen. He even had a huge collection of pornographic images and videos stashed away on his phone!

Initially, I gave in to his demands to satisfy him – but day by day, his requests simply became more outrageous. I couldn’t keep up, and felt humiliated when he suggested recording ourselves having sex in the living room. That wasn’t all: he’d often tie me to the bedpost or pillar and force himself on me. Although I bore no physical scars, he broke my spirit.

He was constantly sex-crazed and I had to satisfy his lust at least twice a day! If I denied him access to my body, he would threaten to act out his fantasies with another woman. Every single time we were intimate, I came to expect a position plucked straight from the pages of the Kama Sutra. I put up with it even when it hurt because of my love for him. But the last straw was when he demanded we do extreme sex acts forbidden by our religion. Feeling trapped at the time, I had no choice but to swallow my pride and shed tears of shame and disappointment.

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