How To Matchmake Your Friends

Because your sixth sense is telling you they'll be perfect for each other!

You’re friends with two people who’ve never met, but who you know are just right for each other? Here’s how not to leave a trail of shattered hearts and friendships behind with your bow and arrow.

The expert: Violet Lim, certified matchmaker, and co-founder and CEO of the Lunch Actually Group

Do A Values Check

Your gut tells you they’re a match made in heaven, but sometimes, in your excitement, you could miss red flags that should set off your internal alarm. “Don’t just look at superficial things like mutual interests,” cautions Violet Lim, a certified matchmaker, and co-founder and CEO of the Lunch Actually Group.

More important than a shared love of binge-watching Netflix is common values, such as attitudes towards money and family. It’s not likely to work out if the lady’s divorced with two kids while the guy doesn’t want children.

Set Up The Date

Confirm that they’re both open to dating someone with the intention of starting a serious relationship. The last thing you want is to be branded a ‘kaypoh’ – and ruin a friendship that you’ve spent time and effort to build.

If your friends tend to be shy and awkward around new people, be there to make the introduction and get the conversations flowing. “Once they’re comfortable with each other, let them take it up from there,” suggests Violet.

Find Out How It Went

Your friends may be the chatty sort who can’t wait to tell you all the juicy deets, making your job easier. But if they don’t volunteer that information first, gently find out what they liked – or didn’t – about the date.

If they both had a great time but can’t seem to make the first move, “It’s okay to give them a nudge,” says Violet. Sometimes, all that’s missing is confirmation that their date would like to meet up again.