He Left Her After She Had Raised His Kids For 20 Years

How one woman struggled to make ends meet after being abandoned.
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He wanted to marry another after I had raised his kids for 20 years.

“Life before marriage was simple. My family in Penang might not have done particularly well for themselves, but I had learnt how to be independent from young – working at a factory while taking up sewing jobs as a source of side income.

But everything changed when I met my now ex-husband, who I was introduced to by my sister’s friend.


We hadn’t known each other for long before I decided that I’d marry him – a decision partly spurred on by the fact that he had three children whose mother had passed on. I’ve always loved children and my heart went out to them. Thankfully, they took to me like I was their own mother and I’m proud to say that two of them went on to graduate from university. I admit that I had hoped our life would improve financially after marriage but sadly, that wasn’t the case.

For a long while though, I was happy with the five more children we had been blessed with, making ours a merry family of 10. I continued to earn my keep by working as a promoter in a supermarket, taking sewing orders occasionally.


It started off with late nights out. He’d tell me it was for work, an explanation I gladly believed. Only much later did his friends come clean that it was a pretext to meeting another woman behind my back. Of course, I was shaken and heartbroken – but I was determined to stomach the pain and overlook it. After all, we had our children to think of. Despite being wronged, the thought of walking away never once crossed my mind.

So, imagine my devastation when he voiced out my worst nightmare. Without batting an eyelid, he told me that he wanted to marry another. I broke down. I couldn’t handle it nor could I face the fact that all my years of love and care had gone unnoticed – or worse, carelessly discarded.

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