10 Sex Positions To Try If Your Guy Isn’t Well-Endowed

Remember, it’s not about how big it is – it’s what he does with it!

Positions matter, especially if you find that your sex life is less than satisfying. You may be crazy-in-love with your guy, but his penis? Not so much. Not that you’re superficial, but he’s not exactly blessed in that department, and to you – like many women – size matters.

That’s not to say that sex with your man isn’t good. But you know it can be better. What’s a girl to do? Rather than wish for his penis to grow a little longer or thicker overnight (you know that’s not going to happen!), try these positions, which will help him make the most of what he’s got.

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1. The hound-dog

This is a slight modification of the doggy position. In this position, you simply get on all fours, but instead of keeping your back level as you would if doing the doggy, lower yourself onto your arms and arch your back.

Then, when your guy penetrates you from behind, push your buttocks towards him to help him get as deep as possible inside of you. This position works because it lets him enter you at an angle, thereby allowing the head of his penis to stimulate your G-spot, which is located on the inner front wall of your vagina.

2. X marks the spot

Lie on top of your man so that you are facing his feet. Your genitals should be touching each other’s. Now lift your buttocks up and allow him to penetrate you. Slowly ride him, moving your hips up and down.

This position gives your guy a great view of your butt, and, more importantly, lets him penetrate you deeply and allows his shaft to come into contact with your clitoris.

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