My Husband Secretly Loves To Wear My Underwear

I found pictures of him, in my lingerie, on Instagram!
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Image: Depositphotos

Clara*, you have to look at this person’s Instagram! She has as big a collection of lingerie as you do!” squealed my best friend Mandy over high tea one day. I glanced at Mandy’s phone and she was right – the photos revealed all types of undergarments, from lacy negligees to postage-stamp sized panties. Most were flat-lay shots of the pieces, some which I noted, I had in my own sizeable closet of delicates. Just who was this woman?

Mandy scrolled down the account and there she was; Vicky*, modelling a pair of racy hot shorts. Though all the pictures of Vicky were close-up from – and of – her behind, I could see she was lean and toned, with very good skin. Her proportions looked a little odd, though: “Maybe she’s a body builder,” I thought.

“Looks like she only has a collection to rival my own, and not a pretty face or sexy body. Otherwise, why doesn’t she show it all?” I joked with a tinge of jealousy. “Well, at least she’s letting the world in on what she likes… unlike you,” Mandy retorted.

She was right. Though I’ve collected lingerie since my teens, I never felt the need to show them off on social media – it was oversharing, I felt.

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