Book Review: How To Ikigai

Learn how to live your best life with this book.

There are so many books on Ikigai currently flooding the market. Essentially, they’re meant to help you find your Ikigai, or life purpose, and keep you on the track to happiness. But if you’re new to this business of finding happiness, had no idea where to start, and you don’t want a book treading so much on the zen line that you’re not propelled to go on any further than Introduction, How To Ikigai by Tim Tamashiro might just be the literature for you – just don’t judge it by the illustration of mountains and bamboo shoots on its cover.

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Tim starts off by explaining the ancient and time-tested wisdom of the people of Okinawa in Japan, and how their lifestyle of ikigai, provides a model for a long and fulfilling life. As the book progresses, it is padded with Tim’s own experiences, and stories of others to demonstrate how you can ikigai in various life situations,  so you understand this concept better. Essentially, you’ll come out of the book knowing how to: do what you love, do what you’re good at, do what the world needs, do what you can be rewarded for.

Having said that, don’t read this book in a go, like how you would read say…your Harry Potter series. Though it may tend to read like a story book in parts, this is a book to take on, bit by bit, so you could reflect on what you’ve read for better understanding. Otherwise, it’s too much to digest. So, take it easy and mindfully, and you should be able to close the back cover, getting what you’ve come for.

About the author

Tim Tamashiro traces his roots back to Okinawa, the birthplace of Ikigai. As a explorer, jazz singer, storyteller and former CBC Radio host, Tim’s ikigai is “to delight” so that others can share meaningful moments together. Tamashiro has delivered a popular TED Talk on Ikigai and currently lives in Calgary, Canada, whi his wife and two kids.

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