MCO: “It’s Eye-Opening To Be On-Duty As A Delivery Rider”

With the current COVID-19 situation, being a delivery rider is both challenging and rewarding. 35-year-old Mohd Shafid Md Yassin shares his experience.
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Mohd Shafid Md Yassin

Who would have thought being a delivery rider would give me such an immense feeling of purpose and service to the nation.

A typical day at work during the Movement Control Order (MCO) is an eye-opener. Being on duty has its ups and down. The strict protocol to adhere to, at Domino’s Pizza, in terms of hygiene care and social distancing is extremely important. We were told by the company to comply to these procedures at all times – it’s important for us, as well as our customers. As delivery riders, we understand that and it is one of the many measures taken by the company to ensure that we’re able to continue serving our customers safely.

I have been a rider with Domino’s for more than 14 years, and this recent experience truly left a profound impact on me. During my deliveries, in addition to those for customers, we were also assigned to deliver to the police and armed forces on duty. Just as how we, the riders, are carrying out our duties, these men and women in uniform are on duty to ensure that all Malaysians adhere to the MCO. They matter and they make a difference in the whole scheme of efforts to bring down the curve.

During a delivery to them, one shared that being out there is a duty that they signed up for. They are honoured to serve the nation as a frontliner. Those words stayed with me as I rode back to the store that day and my heart was never fuller. I understood where they were coming from, as I saw the sense of purpose in my own duty; in my own way of contributing to society.

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