Cindy Bishop: Don’t Tell Me How To Dress

The Asia's Next Top Model host and judge shares why this movement is so relevant.
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Last year, a Thai newspaper published an article headlined ‘Don’t dress sexy, dept tells women’. In it, women were advised to dress modestly to the Songkran (Thai New Year) festival to avoid getting sexually assaulted and harassed.

Asia’s Next Top Model host and judge Cindy Bishop, who is Thai, took to Instagram and expressed her frustration. She stated it’s news like this which feed the idea that it’s always the victims’ fault when they’re harassed.

While the article’s intention may have been good, to only address the ‘solution’ to women, by restricting their freedom, was unfair to say the least. The article should’ve instead advised people not to harass anyone at all.

“I was a victim of an assault during Songkran, when I was 17. I was wearing long, denim shorts and a white T-shirt. My friends and I were in the middle of this festival, in broad daylight, when five guys surrounded me.”

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