Recognizing Kind Business Leaders In Southeast Asia

Our CEO is on this year's list of 25 regional leaders who value kindness.

In this ever-changing world, kindness lights the way forward. It shines in all parts of our lives – not merely at home, but also at work where it’s perhaps all the more needed. While profitability and productivity dominates conversations in the workplace, it is kindness that drives success and builds enduring legacies.

This is what Kindness & Leadership, 25 Leading Lights Southeast Asia, wishes to highlight. The prestigious regional list spotlights “the kind leaders amongst us, and recognize their contributions to business, the economy and society”.

The 25 leaders in Southeast Asia on the list are those who inspire creativity and productivity, create an environment for others to succeed, and who transform organisations and change lives. This year, our chief executive officer, Datin Azliza Ahmad Tajuddin, has the honour of being recognized for leading with kindness.

The judges had this to say, on Datin Azliza’s inclusion to the list:

Azliza has initiated many fundraising projects, including the yearly Pink Project that is run in collaboration with local Malaysian designers to create awareness and raise funds for organisations such as the Breast Cancer Foundation. She has also set up the Her World Woman of the Year and Young Achiever of the Year awards. Since 1992, these awards have paid tribute to high-achieving women who have made breakthroughs in their industries and have made a positive impact both locally and overseas.

As to how kindness makes business sense, Datin Azliza notes that “kindness in the workplace ensures employees feel good; it boosts loyalty and performance.” She adds: “It helps build meaningful relationships, not just with employees but between clients. Once relationships are built, support for each other can last a lifetime. Kindness leads us to humility, and forgiveness – and from these, we will never stop learning and growing every single day.”

When it comes to her leadership style, “As a mother, I lead on my maternal qualities, which means sometimes being stern and disciplined and sometimes being caring, supportive, understanding and empathic. Showing emotions is important to me and acting like a mentor more than a boss helps me to nurture more kind leaders who then grow, not just in the company but outside in other companies when they leave,” expresses Datin Azliza.

With Datin Azliza’s vision as our inspiration, Her World and our publisher, Blu Inc Media, will continue to share important stories – with kindness at the heart of everything we do.

Thank you for being with us on this journey!