Real Story: My Mum Is Jealous of Me

Her mother has been jealous of her since she was a child.
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Job dramas

As I got older, I found that I could no longer contain my anger and bitterness towards my mother. And when I started working as a teacher, I got to see her true colours.

For instance, I’d only been teaching for a few months when Mum would pull me out of classes for some ridiculous reason or another. She would also pretend to be ill so that I’d feel obliged to stay home and look after her, but then, as soon as I got home she would say that she felt better.

Many times, she would also ‘accidentally’ throw away whatever work-related paperwork I left on the table at home. All this got me into trouble with my principal, who warned me to act more responsibly or risk losing my teaching career.

Mum’s ploy to ruin my professional reputation lasted several months, during which I was almost forced to leave teaching because I was missing too many classes. When I eventually asked her why she was trying to jeopardise my job, she told me that she didn’t know what I was talking about. Strangely, her antics stopped after I confronted her.

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