Real Story: “I Got Pregnant So My Lover Would Leave His Fiance”

She took matters into her hands when the affair was going nowhere.
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The Truth Comes

Andy eventually came clean to Jen about his months-long affair with me, as well as his impending fatherhood. As expected, Jen called off the wedding and broke up off with Andy – she wasn’t going to be made a fool of.

I didn’t hear from Andy for a few weeks after Jen dumped him. According to a colleague who knew about our affair, Andy went away to Bali to get over the end of his engagement and come to grips with the fact that he was about to be a father. This colleague told me that Andy was extremely depressed and wasn’t sure what to do next, because he still loved Jen and regretted ever getting involved with me.

When I was ready to give birth, Andy contacted me to say that he wanted nothing more to do with me, but that he would help me out financially and make sure that our baby had a good education and future. He added that he didn’t want to meet the child and made me promise not to tell her about him until she was old enough to understand the circumstances under which she was conceived. I agreed.

It’s been over a year since I had my daughter. I love her so much that the feeling sometimes overwhelms me.

But when I think about my affair with Andy, I am filled with regret: I made some bad choices, stayed with him longer than I should have, and fell pregnant on purpose. It makes me feel sad and helpless. But, when I look at my child, the negative emotions disappear and my heart is filled with a love that I know no one will ever take away from me.”

*Names have been changed

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