How To Pick The Right Sofa For Your Home

Consider these in your search for The Best Sofa Ever.

There is no place like home — where you can plonk yourself on the sofa and take a deep breath. Let’s walk through some of the questions you need to ask to purchase the right sofa.

Pic credit: King Living Australia

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1. What’s the best sofa fabric for Malaysian weather?

For the main sofa in your home, you’ll need something durable. Some available options are natural fibres like cotton, linen, wool, silk, and leather. Another option is synthetic fibres like microfibres, faux leather, and acrylics. Pick these over natural fibres, as synthetic fibres tend to be denser and heavier — thus, more resilient and durable.

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All about the fabric

King Living has a fabric safeguard, KingGuard+, to protect and preserve your King Living furniture. Because accidents do happen around the home, especially with children and pets in the picture. KingGuard+ prevents dirt and spills from soaking through the fibres — making it easier for you to remove any stains.

Another plus of King Living furniture is that they’re great for those prone to allergies and asthma. King Living is approved by Sensitive Choice, an initiative of The National Asthma Council Australia.


You can customise a King Living sofa with various accessories, such as charging tables that wirelessly power up your phone, LED lights, and more. These can be changed, upgraded or removed anytime. So, you can see what works best for you and your family.


Opt for upholstery that can be conveniently removed and cleaned, or replaced. This feature also allows for easy customisation and redecorating. King Living offers a range of premium fabrics and luxurious European leather coverings, which can be fitted on all models including the King Boulevard.


King Living sofas feature an engineered steel frame – to provide the ultimate in durability and support, backed by a 25-year warranty for the frame.