One Year Later: What Malaysians Want From Pakatan Harapan

Study reveals how Malaysian perception and concerns have shifted in 12 months.
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It is officially one year since the Pakatan Harapan government took over the reigns after 60 years of Barisan Nasional rule. In anticipation of this date, independent market research company Ipsos conducted a study on what Malaysians are most concerned about as the one-year anniversary approached. Here are some highlights of interest from their findings from their research, “What Worries Malaysia: Is Malaysia Moving In The Right Direction?

Photo by Thilipen Rave Kumar from Pexels.

Main Summary From Ipsos Study

Gauging from their findings, Ipsos highlighted the following sentiments from Malaysians about the state of the country today:-

  • More than half of Malaysians still believe the country is on the right track, however the shift towards the wrong direction perception is gaining momentum
  • Malaysians are less confident of the economy today in comparison to their confidence level immediately after GE14
  • Crime and Violence ranks highest as compared to Corruption one year ago as the main concern among Malaysians
  • Top 3 concerns of Malaysians are: Crime and Violence, Inflation/Cost of Living, and Corruption
  • In fourth and fifth place of what Malaysians are currently most concerned about are Poverty and Inequality, and Unemployment and Jobs respectively

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