On Netflix, Malaysians Preferred Action And Romance In 2019

Plus, the shows Team Her World enjoyed watching last year!

With hundreds (if not more) titles available in Malaysia on Netflix, there’s always the question of what to watch now.

If you were to ask fellow Malaysians, it seems they’d recommend a rush of adrenaline! In Netflix’s list of Top 10 Most Popular Releases of 2019 in Malaysia, action-packed flicks and sweet rom-coms lead the way.

Which of the top-10 titles have you watched, and did they leave a good impression on you? Or do you think they’re overrated? What other movies and series would you recommend? Let us know on Facebook or Instagram!

As for the Her World team, these are what we liked watching in 2019:

Grace and Frankie, because it offers a different perspective on growing old.” – Eena Houzyama, editor-in-chief

Modern Family, Maid in Manhattan, and most recently, The Witcher! Why The Witcher? Number 1: Henry Cavill. Number 2: it’s got a really good story!” – Nadhirah Othman, fashion writer

Hotel Del Luna is by far my favourite K-drama series of 2019. It’s got laugh-out-loud and tear-jerking moments in equal doses, some horror (but not so much as to trigger nightmares), and the cast and setting are stunning.” – Adelina Tan, deputy editor

Sex Education, because it discusses a topic that we tend to avoid in a comedic way.” – Lorraine Chai, features and lifestyle writer