New Apps You Need To Have For 2019!

New mobile apps you need to have in your phone.
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Personal care

1. Care Concierge 

Don’t feel bad when the day comes that you have an emergency meeting or errand to run, and you’re not able to be home to care for your parents. Care Concierge provides you with health professionals specialising in the elderly and home recovery. These caregivers and nurses are trained and backed by a team of doctors. They’ve even got the expertise to care for those with dementia or Alzheimer’s, and those who’ve had a stroke or operation.

Pic credit: Care Concierge Facebook page

2. Burnd!

This app aims to end HIV and protect you (and the future generation) from STDs and STIs.

It was built by TechHealth, which has the largest database of HIV/STD testing sites, Post Exposure Prophylaxis (PEP) locations and rape crisis centres (currently not available in Malaysia yet). It will direct you to the nearest site based on your risk, age and sexual orientation/gender identity. Your privacy is top priority, so the app does not require any personal information.

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