New Apps You Need To Have For 2019!

New mobile apps you need to have in your phone.
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Get these current apps if you’re looking to being more productive this 2019. They can be downloaded via Android’s Google Play store or the Apple App Store.

For better productivity!

1. Pocket

Screenshot from Apple App Store

No more forgetting about the articles you’ve bookmarked on the multiple news sites or apps you have. The Pocket app allows you to save any articles or videos from Chrome, Safari, emails, and social media platforms like Twitter, Flipboard, Feedly, and Facebook.

2. Lastpass

Thank the heavens for technology and developers who decided to come up with an app to store all your passwords! So with all your password secured in one place, you’re given the choice to automatically fill them in. You’ll just have to remember your Lastpass password. For added security and convenience, the app gives you the option to unlock it with your thumb print. Besides that, it reminds you to change your password frequently to keep out hackers. You can also access Lastpass on your desktop and laptop — and when you do, you’ll get a notification first to authorise the log-in.

Screenshot from Lastpass official website

3. RescueTime

If you’re looking to better manage your 24 hours, RescueTime will help you understand your day-to-day habits. It’ll track the use of your desktop computer and mobile devices, updating you with daily reports of what you were up to. So, say sayonara to spending too much time online or on work emails, when you should be stepping away and smelling the flowers.

Screenshot from Google Play Store

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