Like all mothers, Sufidawati Sarbini is a strong, determined and inspiring woman. Even as her kids keep her busy, she strives to build a legacy worth remembering.

Earning herself a spot in the Million Dollar Round Table (MDRT) list – an international recognition for insurance agents – just 87 days into becoming a Life Planner with AIA, it’s impressive how this mother-of-three never sees parenting as a restriction or limitation to becoming a better version of herself. “It sure is hard to juggle between two roles without any help, but this is a legacy I want to leave for my children. I want to be a mother that they are proud of,” she says.

Image: Sufidawati Sarbini


“I didn’t wait for my career to happen. I decided one day that I wanted to build something for myself and realised that I had the drive to become a Life Planner with AIA,” says Sufidawati with confidence, happily sharing that she has made the MDRT list for four consecutive years. “I joined AIA because their purpose resonated with me. We’re not just there for our customers when they are sick; we focus more on enabling a better and healthier life for them. My objective is to help more people and educate them on the importance of having a protection plan for their family,” she further explains.

The journey was a tough row to hoe for Sufidawati. She was often sneered at by others who had negative perceptions of insurance agents, plus the voices of self-doubt didn’t help either. But her children were her motivation and she persevered. “I think having the right mindset is very important. It’s crucial to trust yourself in what you are doing,” she says fervently.


Sufidawati starts her day with some motivating reads before preparing her daughters for school. She then heads out for appointments with her clients and schedules, at the most, two appointments every day (in the morning) so she is able to have lunch with her daughters. “I don’t believe in work-life balance, it’s more about the quality of time that we spend. I need to be equally successful both at home and at work in order to thrive,” she shares. Time management naturally falls in place once there’s a clear goal. She firmly believes that the price for success should never be neglecting your loved ones.

Having firmly established her own career, Sufidawati has spent her time nurturing new talents within her agency. With a soft spot for empowering mothers, Sufidawati shares that the most of her team are made up of powerful, successful mothers. Sufidawati is also an advocate for bringing your children to work.

“Exposing the young ones to positive energy at work motivates and inspires them to do as well as their mothers in the future. Likewise, having their children around them also motivates my team to do better.

Mothers will tirelessly go all out to provide a better future for the children. Sharing the process with your children from a young age will instill strong and positive values that will help them in their future careers.”

“I’m very much driven by my passion to mentor others and help them build their own legacy,” she shares. Having recruited numerous Life Planners into AIA Elite Academy, Sufidawati shares that new Life Planners are now able to join a first of its kind 18-month on-boarding programme that provides skill set training and mentorship. She believes that this systematic programme which provides a financing scheme and a seamless syllabus is a great way for up and coming Life Planners to establish a firm footing in the industry.

“Life gets hectic – I’m not going to lie!” she laughs. “But at the end of the day, when my girls tell me that they want to be like their mama when they grow up, I know it’s all worth it.” Think you might be the right fit for AIA Elite Academy? Log on to to learn more.