Malaysian Students Innovate Portable Sunscreen

The winners of L’Oréal Brandstorm 2019 Malaysia are on their way to Paris with a novel idea to simplify your sun-care routine.

Like every other Malaysian, we know how important sun protection is. We apply sunscreen whenever we head out, but how long will your sunscreen last on your skin to protect you from harmful rays? How do you know when to re-apply? Don’t you just wish you could carry a portable sunscreen dispenser with you? The young and innovative winners of L’Oréal Brandstorm 2019 (Malaysia) have got us all covered!

Credits: gfycat 

L’Oréal Brandstorm is a major event that has been supporting and engaging young talents for the past 17 years. This event has a record of successfully attracting many students with outstanding and inventive ideas. In the past six months, students from across Malaysia have been competing for the only spot to represent Malaysia at the International Final in Paris. Now, the winning team, Soleil, is all set to present their ideas to the world in France next month.

The powerful team is made up of Ivy Wong, Wong Wee Wen, and Tee Zhen Hong, students of the University of Nottingham in Malaysia. The trio shared that their inspiration came from their everyday life, where exposure to the sun can be dangerous but awareness of sun protection is severely lacking. They realised that many people just give up on applying sunscreen regularly. “Some are lazy to do so, whereas some will only apply it when they leave the house because they have no idea when to re-apply it after that, ”said Ivy.

Zhen Hong went on to explain that their idea, My UV Armour, provides a streamlined sun protection experience to consumers. This single device instills awareness, detects UV and sunscreen, dispenses product, and also sends a reminder to re-apply. Whilst saving our skin, the team also did not forget to save the earth by using biodegradable packaging that will not harm our environment.

It was easy to sense the good chemistry between the team members when I was talking to them. To my surprise, the trio said that they were not even acquaintances prior to the competition. “Our team was formed in the most random way,” said Wee Wen. Since the team major in different courses respectively, they were able to complement each other by looking into problems from all perspectives, which led them to an all-rounded idea.